Learn more about the offices and candidates on your ballot.

As a reminder, who you vote for is always a secret — but whether or not you choose to vote is a matter of public record. After this November’s critical elections, anyone will be able to look up your voting history, and see whether you chose to make your voice heard.

Thank you in advance for being a voter this year!

Our Democratic Candidates

Statewide Candidates

for Governor – Wes Moore

What the Governor Does: The Governor and Lt. Governor oversee the state’s executive branch of government, and are responsible for implementing our laws and budgets.

Why It Matters: The Governor ensures that our most vital state services are funded and functioning, including our schools, state health systems, and public safety departments.

About Wes Moore: Wes Moore is a U.S. Army combat veteran who led soldiers in combat with the 82nd Airborne Division, Rhodes scholar, former small business owner, and former CEO of one of the nation’s largest anti-poverty organizations. He’ll work tirelessly to expand economic opportunities and leave no one behind.

Learn More: wesmoore.com

for Comptroller – Brooke Lierman

What the Comptroller Does: The Comptroller manages the state’s accounting, and is responsible for ensuring public finances are accurate and balanced

Why It Matters: The Comptroller ensures that our tax money is being spent appropriately, and manages budgets for key government programs while working to eliminate wasteful or unnecessary spending.

About Brooke Lierman: Brooke is a civil rights attorney, mom, and two-term State Delegate. As Comptroller, she will be an independent voice, ensuring taxpayers receive the best value, preventing waste and fraud, and unlocking opportunities for all.

Learn More: brookelierman.com

for Attorney General – Anthony Brown

What the Attorney General Does: The Attorney General is Maryland’s lawyer. He or she manages the state’s justice department and oversees all state legal manners.

Why It Matters: The Attorney General is responsible for protecting the people of Maryland from violations of state law, and is empowered to prosecute people or entities who commit crimes against the state.

About Anthony Brown: Anthony Brown will never back down from a challenge because he believes that your Attorney General should be a champion for progress. He will take his experiences as a retired Colonel, lawyer, and Congressman to be an effective advocate for everyone.

Learn More: anthonybrown.com

County Offices

County Executive – Steuart Pittman (Incumbent)

What the County Executive Does: Anne Arundel’s County Executive heads the executive branch of our county government, overseeing local Anne Arundel services while implementing policies and tax plans. The job is similar to being Mayor of the County.

Why It Matters: Our County Executive makes decisions that have a direct impact on our communities, and is responsible for ensuring that the county services we rely on everyday are fully functioning and funded.

About Steuart Pittman: Steuart Pittman has made our county government more transparent and accessible as County Executive. He has prioritized public safety, education, and the environment and will continue delivering improved services and focusing on fiscal responsibility.

Learn More: pittmanforpeople.com

County Council 

Anne Arundel County is divided into seven County Council districts. You can confirm your home district by visiting the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections at this link.

What A County Councilmember Does: Our member of the County Council is one of seven elected members within Anne Arundel’s primary legislative body. They write and vote on legislation that eventually becomes county law.

Why It Matters: Our member of the County Council is our voice within county government, and is responsible for protecting our interests during the creation of county policies and laws.

for County Council District 1 – Pete Smith

About Pete Smith: Pete previously served six years on the County Council. In addition to his service on the Boards of Chrysalis House, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, and Anne Arundel Community College, Pete served our nation in the Marine Corps for 24 years, and currently serves in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Learn More: votepetesmith.com

County Council District 2 – Allison Pickard (Incumbent)

About Allison Pickard: Allison Pickard is running for re-election to continue the pragmatic, results-driven work needed to improve our community. Allison has been a champion for education and public safety investment as well as much needed revitalization in our community.

Learn More: allisonpickard.com

for County Council District 4 – Julie Hummer

About Julie Hummer: Julie is the mother of five children, the wife of an Army veteran, a former special education teacher, and a past president of the Board of Education. She is dedicated to serving others.

Learn More: juliehummer.com

for County Council District 5 – Carl Neimeyer

About Carl Neimeyer: Carl is a combat veteran, professional engineer, award-winning small business owner, and community volunteer. He’s ready to serve with integrity and bring his real-world leadership and experience to the Anne Arundel County Council.

Learn More: carlneimeyer.com

County Council District 6 – Lisa Brannigan Rodvien (Incumbent)

About Lisa Brannigan Rodvien: Lisa currently chairs the Anne Arundel County Council. She is an attorney and public school teacher who has increased funding for our schools, passed legislation protecting our Bay and forests, and supported affordable housing.

Learn More: lisarodvien.com

for County Council District 7 – Shawn Livingston

About Shawn Livingston: Shawn works in education and lives with his wife and two kids in Edgewater. A lifelong area resident, he’ll focus on smart growth, protecting the environment, and fully funding our schools.

Learn More: shawnfor7th.com

State’s Attorney – Anne Colt Leitess (Incumbent)

What the State’s Attorney Does: The State’s Attorney is the Anne Arundel’s chief law enforcement officer, bringing cases to court against individuals or entities who have committed crimes within the county.

Why It Matters: Our State’s Attorney is responsible for keeping our neighborhoods safe from crime, but they are also responsible for ensuring that those in court are treated fairly and with respect, making them both a prosecutor and an advocate.

About Anne Colt Leitess: As our current State’s Attorney, Anne personally prosecuted the Capital Gazette Newspaper mass shooter and the leader of a violent hate gang. She oversees all county criminal cases and an office of 60 prosecutors. In her first term, she was awarded by the Anti-Defamation League for her work securing high profile hate crimes convictions. She is a frequent speaker and national leader on issues of law enforcement and legal advocacy.

Learn More: annearundelanne.com

Clerk of the Circuit Court – Scott Poyer (Incumbent)

What the Clerk of the Circuit Court Does: The Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible for organizing and maintaining public court records, as well as assisting judges and lawyers within the county court system.

Why It Matters: The Clerk is maintains a budget of almost $7.5 million and ensures our tax dollars are being used appropriately within the county court system.

About Scott Poyer: A US Coast Guard Academy graduate, Scott Poyer has over 30 years’ experience in law enforcement and was elected Clerk of Court in 2018. Under his leadership, the office has saved $350,000 a year relative to its budget, and has increased the speed of legal filings by more than 80 percent.

for Register of Wills – Erica Griswold

What the Register of Wills Does: The Register of Wills works to ensure a deceased person’s property passes to others, and assists in the legal processes surrounding wills and inheritance.

Why It Matters: The Register of Wills is responsible for ensuring that the possessions and finances of our loved ones is handled and distributed appropriately when they pass away.

About Erica Griswold: Erica is a mother of two and an Annapolis native with a deeply rooted history and connection to our community. She holds a unique set of compassion and human service skills as an executor, and a tireless advocate, and facilitator who prioritizes equity and inclusion. She’s a consumnate professional and ready to serve the public as our Register of Wills.

Judges of the Orphan’s Court

What a Judge of the Orphan’s Court Does:The Judge of the Orphan’s Court manages our county’s probate court, which handles wills and estates.

Why It Matters: The Judge of the Orphan’s Court is essential in resolving property and estate disputes while also helping citizens get through the legal processes surrounding inheritance.

Vickie Gipson – Judge of the Orphans’ Court (Incumbent)

About Vickie Gipson: Judge Vickie Gipson is seeking re-election to the Orphans’ Court of Anne Arundel County. She supports modernizing probate litigation with video hearings and mediation options.

for Judge of the Orphans’ Court – David Duba

About David Duba: David Duba is a teacher and longtime public servant who will make the Orphans’ Court accessible to all. He will work to ensure than all people are heard and respected, and plans to launch a virtual option for participation in the Court’s proceedings.

Learn More: dubafororphanscourt.com

for Sheriff: Everett Sesker

What the Sheriff Does: The Anne Arundel County Sheriff is the law enforcement arm of the county’s courts. Sheriffs Deputies are responsible for the security of the courthouse, serve warrants, and otherwise represent the legal system.

Why It Matters: Public safety and the integrity of the legal system depend on dependable, ethical leadership in the Sheriff’s office.

About Everett Sesker: Everett Sesker, a third-generation native of Anne Arundel County, obtained command level as a Major with the Prince George’s County Police Department and was Executive Director of the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission.

Learn More: seskerforsheriff.com

Federal Offices

U.S. Senate – Chris Van Hollen (Incumbent)

What a U.S. Senator Does: Maryland’s Senator is one of two representatives from our state within the United States Senate, and works to create and pass legislation that affects both our state and the nation as a whole.

Why It Matters: We entrust our Senator to protect our interests in Washington, and he or she has the power to ensure that Federal resources are coming to our state and helping the people of Maryland.

About Chris Van Hollen: Chris ran for office to get things done for Marylanders, to build an economy that works for everyone not just the privileged few, and to fight to make good on the promise of equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity for all. And that’s what he’s doing.

Learn More: vanhollen.org

Representative in Congress

Anne Arundel County includes portions of multiple congressional districts. You can look up your Member of Congress and confirm which district you will vote in by visiting the federal government’s ‘Find Your Representative’ site here.

What a Member of Congress Does: Maryland’s eight members of Congress represent our state within the United States’ House of Representatives. They are responsible for creating and voting on legislation that can affect both Maryland and the nation as a whole.

Why It Matters: Our congresspeople vote on federal legislation that affects thousands of Marylanders, whether said legislation involves federal healthcare, education, or defense program

U.S. House District 3 – John Sarbanes (Incumbent)

About John Sarbanes: Congressman Sarbanes has always prioritized the needs of Anne Arundel County residents. He will continue working every day to secure good jobs, affordable access to healthcare and reproductive freedom, a clean environment, and safe, livable communities.

Learn More: johnsarbanes.com

U.S. House District 5 – Steny Hoyer (Incumbent)

About Steny Hoyer: As a leader in the US House of Representatives, Steny has the experience needed to stand up and protect our families, our communities, and our values.

Learn More: hoyerforcongress.com

State Offices

State Senate

Anne Arundel County includes all or part of four legislative districts, which elect a State Senator and three members of the House of Delegates. You can look up your Maryland legislative district and confirm the district where you will vote by visiting the state of Maryland’s ‘Who are your elected officials?’ website here.

What a State Senator Does:  Maryland’s 47 State Senators represent their various districts within the upper house of the state legislature in Annapolis. They write legislation that eventually becomes state law, while also working to pass budgets and manage constituent services.

Why It MattersOur Senator’s votes in the State Senate can affect our taxes, schools, police departments, and various other essential pillars within our communities.

State Senate LD 12 – Clarence Lam (Incumbent)

About Clarence Lam: Clarence is a practicing physician on faculty at Johns Hopkins University, where he specializes in preventive medicine. As the Senate’s only doctor, he’s been integral to improving the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn More: clarencelam.com

State Senate LD 21 – Jim Rosapepe (Incumbent)

About Jim Rosapepe: Jim Rosapepe is an environmentalist and education champion who is leading the fight to protect Maryland working families from attacks on our values, our rights, and our pocketbooks.

Learn More: senatorjimrosapepe.com

State Senate LD 30 – Sarah Elfreth (Incumbent)

About Sarah Elfreth: Senator Sarah Elfreth has earned a reputation as an effective bipartisan problem-solver and community advocate since being elected. She has delivered new environmental protections, public safety measures, tax relief, and support for children and families.

Learn More: sarahelfreth.com

State Senate LD 32 – Pam Beidle (Incumbent)

About Pam Beidle: Pam Beidle is a business owner, a prior Councilmember and State Delegate, and currently the Senator representing District 32. Her priorities include reducing the cost of health care, providing public safety, funding education, and protecting our environment.

Learn More: pambeidle.com

for State Senate LD 33 – Dawn Gile

About Dawn Gile: Dawn is an accomplished business attorney,
military spouse, and mother of three. She is committed to fully funding our schools, protecting the Bay, strengthening public safety, and ensuring access to safe reproductive care.

Learn More: dawngile.com

State House of Delegates

What a State Delegate Does: Maryland’s 141 State Delegates represent 47 different districts within the lower house of the state legislature in Annapolis. They write legislation that eventually becomes state law, while also working to pass budgets and manage constituent services.

Why It Matters: While we trust our delegate to vote on and pass legislation within the statehouse, they are also vital in helping us navigate state regulations and solve local problems within our communities.

for Delegate LD 12B – Garry Simmons

About Gary Simmons: Gary is a former law enforcement officer, a single dad, and a kidney transplant survivor. As our Delegate, he’ll focus on expanding economic opportunity, making health care more affordable, and keeping our communities safe.

Learn More: electgarysimmons.com

State Delegate LD 21

Ben Barnes (Incumbent)

About Ben Barnes: Ben Barnes is committed to sponsoring important environmental, social justice, civil rights, and
economic equity legislation.

Learn More: 21stdistrictdelegation.com

Mary A. Lehman (Incumbent)

About Mary A. Lehman: Mary’s focus in Annapolis has been on common-sense legislation that welcomes support from
both sides of the aisle.

Learn More: marylehman.com

Joseline A. Peña-Melnyk (Incumbent)

About Joseline A. Peña-Melnyk: Joseline Peña-Melnyk has served as our voice in Annapolis since 2006 and has earned a reputation as a strong, independent voice. She understands that the public’s trust must be earned through service with integrity.

Learn More: joselinepenamelnyk.com

State Delegate District 30A

Shaneka Henson (Incumbent)

About Shaneka Henson: Shaneka Henson is a passionate leader who was first elected in 2017 while serving as an Assistant Attorney General in the Maryland OAG. Her advocacy for working families helped increase state funding for affordable housing, establish college scholarships, and provide tax relief for small businesses.

Learn More: shanekahenson.com

Dana Jones (Incumbent)

About Dana Jones: Delegate Dana Jones is a determined consensus builder and effective legislator. She immediately got to work passing legislation with large bipartisan support for tax relief for all Marylanders, as well as historic investments in education, expanding access to reproductive health care, and protecting our Bay.

Learn More: danajones30a.com

for State Delegate District 30B – Courtney Buiniskis

About Courtney Buiniskis: A lifelong resident of District 30B, Courtney Buiniskis is an adjunct professor with deep involvement in our community. Her focus as Delegate will be on better representing our needs in the Statehouse.

Learn More: courtneybfordelegate.com

State Delegate LD 32

J. Sandy Bartlett (Incumbent)

About J. Sandy Bartlett: An attorney, wife, and mom, Del. Sandy Bartlett’s motto is “when one of us thrives, we all do.” She’s focused on bringing resources to Anne Arundel County as our Delegate, and has sponsored legislation with an emphasis on civil rights and securing justice for sexual assault survivors.

Learn More: sandybartlett.com

Mark Chang (Incumbent)

About Mark Chang: Mark Chang is a lifelong Anne Arundel County resident who was shaped by the values of our community. As Vice Chairman of Appropriations in Annapolis, Mark will continue to fight for our local schools, our environment, and small businesses.

Learn More: delegatemarkchang.com

Mike Rogers (Incumbent)

About Mike Rogers:  A longtime Laurel resident, Mike Rogers has lived a life of service, including 30 years in the U.S. Army. Today, he serves as our communities’ voice in Annapolis, focusing on making District 32 a great place to own a business, raise a family, and attend school.

Learn More: votemikerogers.com

for State Delegate District 33A – Andrew Pruski

About Andrew Pruski: Andrew began his career in education as a social studies teacher and for the last eight years has served on the County Council. He is committed to improving education and infrastructure and supporting public safety.

Learn More: andrewpruski.com

for State Delegate District 33B – John Wakefield

About John Wakefield: John Wakefield is a working artist and social scientist who believes that when federal, state, and local governments work together, we can make a real difference and improve daily life in our communities.

State Delegate District 33C – Heather Bagnall (Incumbent)

About Heather Bagnall: Heather Bagnall has prioritized serving and protecting our most vulnerable Marylanders during her first term as our Delegate, receiving awards and earning a reputation for effective legislating. She also works as an arts educator and is an award-winning playwright!

Learn More: heatherbagnall.com

Voting Information

All eligible voters may request an absentee ballot by mail or online. In order to receive an absentee ballot in this election, you must apply for one.

Voters may return these ballots in the pre-paid envelope via USPS. Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day (November 8) and received by 10:00AM on November 18. 

Ballots may also be dropped off at a ballot return box during the Early Voting window from October 27 to November 3. If you did not receive a ballot, or wish to vote in-person, these locations also serve as in-person voting locations during the early vote window and on Election Day. Click here for an up-to-date list of early voting locations (en español) which are subject to change.

Ballots will be collected until 8:00PM on Election Day, Tuesday November 8.

Online voter registration is currently closed, but you can register to vote during early voting or on election day. Click here to learn more.

What should I do if I haven’t received my absentee ballot?

From the Maryland Board of Elections information about absentee voting:

Absentee ballots are typically mailed or available for download about 3 weeks before an election.

If you requested an absentee ballot but have not received it, verify on the voter look-up website that your absentee ballot application was processed and the status of your absentee ballot.

If there is no record of your absentee request, submit another request. If you have a Maryland driver’s license or MVA ID card, the quickest way to submit a request is via the online request system.

If the website shows that your request has been processed and the ballot has been sent, wait a few days. Your ballot may be in transit. If the election is one week away and you haven’’t received your ballot, please contact your local board of elections. A representative of your local board can help you.